Changing the Destiny
of People and Bicycles

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Second Life Bikes!

By choosing to volunteer, you are furthering the mission of Second Life Bikes by helping the community bike shop operate more efficiently and effectively, which allows it to support our youth earn-a-bike program.

There are three key components of the role of a volunteer:


Welcome the people to the shop, field questions about the mission and how the shop operates, and help people when they are choosing a bike for purchase


Keep the shop clean, neat and organized by sweeping, putting tools away, or engaging in other tasks that maintain an orderly space


Perform tasks as needed to help the shop operate efficiently and effectively.

Even though a large part of the volunteer role is to field questions, you aren’t expected to know the answer in every case. Please don’t hesitate to to check if you unsure about something, such as the quality of a bike that someone wants to buy.

In addition to shop volunteers, Second Life Bikes is always looking for people to run youth programs or other activities. If there is a different type of volunteering opportunity that interests you, please speak with Kerri Martin.

After filling out a Volunteer Application and signing a Volunteer Information and Procedure form, please return the documents in person to Kerri Martin at Second Life Bikes and together you can schedule your volunteer hours.