It’s fall.  Football season for some.  Cyclocross for others.  Leaves changing.  Shorter days.  And all things pumpkin-spiced.  Except for bicycles.


Pancakes, muffins, lattes, beer, M&M’s, candles.  Even Pumpkin Spice facials have been spotted. And I’m sure Pumpkin Spice deodorant has been discussed somewhere. Don’t worry.  It will all be over soon and everything will start smelling like pine-needles.

So, it’s a season of change.  Like our new website.  Thanks to our friends over at M Studio for patiently working on making our website prettier, cooler and more informative.

Peruse our picture galleries and our press links from Summer 2013 which will be forever remembered as The Summer of Media Attention.  First with Family Circle Magazine then followed by The National Catholic Reporter, CBS Evening News, The Today Show and CBS Sunday morning.  And of course, never forgotten by our local supporters:  The Coaster, the TriCity News and Michael Boylan.

There is an internet legend that says if you say “Pumpkin Spice Latte” three times in the mirror, a girl with yoga pants appears and tells you her favorite things about fall.  If you ask this girl, my favorite things are crunchy leaves on the trails, arm warmers, cow bells, and lighted night rides.  And although it doesn’t make the list, I probably wouldn’t refuse a Pumpkin Spice muffin.

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